Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride was my foray into making board games (out of actual boards, none the less!)  I couldn’t bring myself to purchase the game because it seems so much for cardboard and printing.  Plus I don’t have any extra money because I spend it all on projects like this one.  So, if I can’t buy it…make it!

The board is 3/8″ birch plywood with the train routes, um, routed out so there are little grooves for the pieces to sit in.  I wood burned the state lines and other decor.  The board comes apart in six pieces that fit together like puzzle pieces in order to fit into the box.  The box (which I will hopefully post a picture of soon) is also burned.

I love playing this game with my boys, who have always really been into trains.  They do pretty well with it (we play a modified rule game suitable for 4 year olds) and love putting their trains together.

My only regret is that used used some cheap toll paint and its faded over the years.  I need to repaint it soon as its getting hard to see the difference in the colors.

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