Gosling I

My family loves to go camping.  But as my family grew (we’re up to six now), the amount of equipment grew much faster.  We quickly transitioned from minimalist backpacker to full-fledged car campers.  But we’ve always tried to keep it rugged.  No campers for us, at least not for a while anyway.  Meaning, until I can built one!

Until then though, we needed a place both to store our gear and transport it.  Behold, Gosling I.  Our little Honda Fit was always named Goose, so it kind of made sense.

Gosling is (was, actually, she has since been retired and replaced), basically just a box with a counter on the back for preparing food.  Our stuff went into the front box and our kitchen stuff was stored in drawers under the counter.  So the only camp setup we needed to do was our tents and table.

She’s built out of 1/2″ plywood on a small harbor freight trailer.  Our fit pulled her easily enough.

Below is a tour I filmed for my father-in-law who helped me put the trailer together.